POITRAS: Unique in North America

We always aim higher – it’s in our DNA

Founded in 1920, POITRAS stands out because of its unique expertise in automotive parts manufacturing in the North American market. We’re constantly optimizing our manufacturing, finishing and delivery processes, which have helped forge our solid reputation.

At POITRAS, every person, regardless of their position, knows they’re important and have a very specific role to play in propelling our company even further.

POITRAS has invested more than 35 million dollars in modernization, acquisition, improvement, automation and development for 25 years. Our facility’s total floor space is now 5 times larger than its initial size (from 20,255 sq. ft. to 102,124 sq. ft.).

Our Vision

In order to remain a world-class manufacturer and to provide seamless service, POITRAS continues to implement limitless technological innovation. Our focus is absolute precision and ensuring a job well done by passionate and competent people.

Our Mission

POITRAS is a world-class manufacturer of automotive power transmission components. We combine our expertise and our product quality and reliability with cutting-edge technologies, a philosophy of continuous improvement and investment in human capital.

Our Values


Passion is our attachment to our products and our company, as well as our desire to learn and push our limits on a daily basis.



We attach great importance to respecting our products, methods, procedures and work equipment, but also to promoting the ideas of others and establishing and fostering mutual trust between management and employees.



At POITRAS, every one of us is accountable for our actions and the work we must do, because we all have a significant role to play in the company’s success.


Team spirit

Team spirit is reflected in our people’s complementarity and the interdependence of our work teams. It’s also two-way and transparent communication, which enables our employees to help each other and become fully involved in the company.


POITRAS: Constantly evolving since 1920